About Us


The Antigua Girls’ High School Alumni Association (AGHSAA), NY-USA, Inc. is an organization of former Antigua Girls’ High School (AGHS) students who because of our love for AGHS wish to move the school forward in the light of excellence. The goal of the association is to cultivate a spirit of loyalty, camaraderie, and mentoring among former “Old Girls” and the present school body.  It is also the association’s goal to promote an attitude of serving in an effort to support the continued development of AGHS.  The association will support AGHS through;

Events and activities that will raise funds for the scholarship fund

  • Advocating high morals and self-respect
  • Providing outreach to graduates as they enter college
  • Providing assistance to the sick and shut-in
  • Advisory, and networking opportunities, as well as community and Online settings
  • Mentoring and volunteering
  • To provide opportunities for alumni, parents and friends to gather under the banner of chapters and other alumni groups
  • To help develop a positive public opinion of AGHS
  • To provide opportunities of leadership
  • Academic support
  • Recruiting of the alumni association
  • Acknowledging and celebrating the accomplishments of AGHS students, staff and alumni
  • Providing opportunities for growth and development and to maintain the traditions that make AGHS the unique place that it is

The association was founded in 2008 by Ms. Gloria Airall –Simon and is headquartered in New York.  As Members friends and supporters of the association we join together within the bonds of friendship and benevolence to support and assist the students and faculty of AGHS in any way we can.   We come together for the purpose of practicing the virtues of conformity with the values of the AGHS and for ensuring the continuance of her existence as an institution of academic and social excellence as we adhere to our motto.              

“In Pursuit of Excellence “